W. David Stephenson

W. David StephensonW. David Stephenson is a leading Gov./Enterprise 2.0 strategist and theorist. He particularly focuses on homeland security and disaster management and ways to directly involve the public in policy and services debate and delivery.

He consults for several governmental entities on strategies to increase their transparency and simultaneously increase operating efficiency: services that are particularly appropriate to the current loss of faith in governmental institutions coupled with the need to innovate in an era of dramatically-reduced resources.

He is completing a book, Democratizing Data to transform government, business and daily life, on strategies for automated structured data feeds and their use to improve worker efficiency, transparency, and to stimulate mass collaboration.

David argues that governments and corporations, by creating automated data feeds in formats such as XML and KML, can simultaneously:

  • for the first time give their entire workforces, not just senior management, access to the information they need to do their jobs more efficiently, but also collaborate organization-wide
  • restore public confidence through transparent operations that watchdog groups, the media, regulators, and the public can monitor on a real-time basis
  • find creative new solutions to problems and add profitable new services through mass collaboration leveraging their organizational data.

In addition to work for his own firm, David is a “subject matter expert” for the Homeland Security Institute, participated in the Institute for the Future’s “Open Source Warfare” project, and is an on-call expert for James Lee Witt Associates, a leading disaster management firm.