Jeri Epstein

Jeri is one of those rare individuals that has the right blend of experience, passion, and candor. These attributes, along with acumen in sales execution, serve Jeri’s clients well. I always enjoy working on engagements with Jeri because I know that we both share the same passion of doing what’s best for our clients.” – Steve Kimball, Entrepreneur and Strategic Advisor

Jeri Epstein is an executive leader with a solid background in business development, sales management and in helping C-Level executives to find their own strengths in leadership.

She is a witty, articulate, and creative individual with demonstrated leadership and team-building skills. Jeri enjoys the challenge of defining emerging markets and helping companies to position them effectively to reap the advantages of first-to-market, first proven. Jeri has worked with client teams to collaboratively design and implement successful strategies for partnership, direct sales. She has practical experience in the establishment of achievable revenue, benchmarks, maximizing productivity of individual team members, and the ability to interface with investors.

Jeri has recently agreed to mentor young entrepreneurs and establish a network of support for them in Rockville, MD with the Rockville Economic Development agency (REDI).

Past work experience includes: the Senior Director of Sales, Mid-Atlantic Region for GetThere, a Sabre Company, Jeri sold twelve top-tier clients in the Fortune 200, and closed seven Fortune 100 accounts representing air revenues of one billion dollars, with 20 million transactions recurring annually. Jeri was the Vice-President, Strategic Sales for AgilQuest and built a pipeline of Fortune 500 companies focused on professional services firms, banking and financial industry as well as technology providers. Jeri has consulted with Fortune 100 companies, developed strategy for channel and alliance partners, and has experience in establishing brand identity. She has a MA from Tufts University and speaks both French and Spanish.