Code of Ethics

Expectations of Contractors and Employees of NEMRC

As with many organizations, we have a code of ethics that we expect all contractors and employees of NEMRC to abide by. It’s really simple, and it really comes down to the following ideas: be a good person, do well for others, and be inclusive and deliberate in your work.

  1. Our first priority will be on the people that we serve – We will always be forthright and honest with our clients about our process, our cost, and ourselves. Under no circumstances will we ever intentionally mislead a client, or abuse the trust that has been placed in us as an organization.
  2. We will be actively inclusive of all people when performing our work – Emergency Management has historically been very challenged when it comes to including people outside of the majority population. When we are performing our work, we will actively seek out people who don’t look like us, sound like us, think like us, and those who are part of historically marginalized communities in order to engage and include them in our plans.
  3. We will always advocate for systemically sustainable solutions – A solution isn’t sustainable if we’re just pushing the problem down the road. We will always assess our work in the light of whole-system thinking, from beginning to end, and the entirety of the picture. We will never advocate for a solution that makes our client’s problem someone else’s problem.
  4. Our goal is accessible, professional, and sound emergency and continuity management solutions – We are not here to make a fortune, we are here to make the world a more resilient place. This means that we will do some work pro bono, and that we will use the money we earn to support that pro bono work. Regardless of who the client is, or how much they are paying, we will always give our best effort and provide the same quality and level of service to every client.
  5. We will always work to promote good work, whether it is done by our organization or any other – We are not the final word in emergency and continuity management, nor in just about anything else. When we find good work that is being done elsewhere, we will incorporate it into our work with appropriate credit (when it is relevant and appropriate) and we will use our voices and channels to amplify that work.