Terms of Engagement

We work with small organizations and really big firms. We charge both the same affordable fees.


We bill at a rate of $150/hour per member of the NEMRC team based on a 5-hour minimum engagement, plus travel, plus applicable taxes. We also offer annual subscription packages which provide members-only access to our E-Library and to new presentations, briefs, and reports.


Telecommute – Cost effective and good for the planet. We have high-speed internet and we cover the cost of all utilities. If you require us to be on conference calls, you will have to provide the service.


Traveling to your location – You will be paying for economy class airfare, actual hotel costs, and reimbursement for meals based on the United States Federal daily rate [CONUS or OCONUS]. Travel time is billed at 50% of the cost of our per diem rates.


We are independent contractors and not your employees. You buy our time and we work that time for you. We pay our own taxes. We have a great accounting firm and we keep serious records.  No worries.

Signing Documents

We are amenable to signing mutual non-disclosure agreements, non-circumvent agreements and other documents to ensure your intellectual property, trade secrets and other corporate or organizational agreements are not compromised.