QLD – Far North prepares for wet weather

Police are urging the North Queensland community to work with emergency services in anticipation of a large amount of rain due to hit the area in the next week.

With the possibility of significant rainfalls forecast in the coming week, Far North Queensland emergency services are seeking the cooperation of motorists and residents so everyone stays safe.

Queensland Police Chief Superintendent and Far North District Disaster Coordinator Brian Huxley is asking motorists to be mindful of the significant rainfall already received across the region and that there is plenty more to come.

“We have already had reports of a vehicle being stuck in flood waters on a major road and emergency services are currently looking for a woman believed to be lost near a flood creek,’ he said.

‘The last thing we police want to do is to have to advise family members that their loved one has been lost whilst attempting to drive through flooded waters or swimming in flood rivers, creeks or causeway’.

Police would also like parents to be mindful and talk to their children of the temptations of playing or swimming in flooded areas during the holidays and remind them how dangerous it is.

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